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Baby Beast boy finished. by BreBre234 Baby Beast boy finished. :iconbrebre234:BreBre234 2 2 Clarence gets a girlfriend by BreBre234 Clarence gets a girlfriend :iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 2 (Part 2)
*Babies' Day Out*
     “Ivy, let’s leave that in the car, okay?” Raven asked the green haired girl.
    The others were just getting out of their car while Raven was trying to coax the girl to leave her fairy wand. The last thing Raven wanted was a temper tantrum because it got lost somewhere in the park. It was still pretty packed around this time of year but it didn’t matter much.
    “But…but if I leave it I won’t get to play with it.” She replied, her green eyes shining. Ivy held the toy closer to her chest, almost making Raven regret ever buying it in the first place. Her hair was a mess, frizzy strands on her head, she had tried to pull out the barrettes Starfire had put in.
    Beast boy stepped in then. “You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even be thinking about it.” He was somehow able to get her to
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 1 0
Meeting You: Character Index
*Meeting You Character Index*
A/N: A guide to which character belongs to who and who most characters are with short descriptions.
**Spoilers** if you read any further.
*OC Titan Children* (Close to canon)
Ryand’r Grayson: Oldest child of Robin and Starfire. He’s 7 years old and in second grade.
Mar’i Grayson: Youngest child of Robin and Starfire. She’s not yet conceived.
Shawn Stone: Oldest child of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He is 7 years old and in second grade.
Marcus Stone: Middle child of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He is 3 years old and attends preschool.
Uriah Stone: Youngest child of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He’s not yet conceived.
Ivy (Ivette) Logan: ‘Oldest’ child of Beast boy and Raven by 1 ½ hours. She’s 4 years old and nearing kindergarten.
Hazel Logan: ‘Youngest’ child of Beast boy and Raven by 1 ½ hours. She’s 4 y
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 1 0
Meeting You: Chapter 32 (Part 4)
    *Silver Lining* (Part 3)
    *Refer to Character Index*
     Galfore Ruler of Tamaran
    Bruce Wayne
    Request the honor of your presence
    at the marriage of
    Princess Koriand’r
    to his son
    Dick Grayson
    Saturday, the fourteenth of August
    at four o’ clock in the evening
    Royal Palace in Tamaran
    RSVP to Bruce Wayne by 6/1
    Reception soon to follow
    3443 Starlight Lane
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 31(Part 3)
    *Silver Lining* (Part 2)
    Raven’s eyes almost popped out of her head as they approached an unfamiliar black Toyota Camry that was parked in the roundabout. The windows were tinted and on the hood of the car were angled strands of blue and while ribbon that held on a fake bouquet of flowers. On the back of window ‘Just Married’ was written out in white liquid chalk. On the back two windows in liquid chalk were pictures of wedding bells and hearts.
    “Here you are.” Beast boy held open the passenger door and took his time to help Raven get seated.
    When he was in the driver’s seat, he turned on the headlights and backed the car up. Beast boy smiled at her before he peeled out the parking lot with the tires screeching. It had Raven clutching onto the leather seat of the car until he reduced his speed reasonably when th
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 30 (Part 2)
 Servers that were dressed in black and white made their way around to all of the tables. Short glasses were placed on silver platters and distributed out to all of the seventy or so guests. And Beast boy and Raven had borrowed Rita and Mento’s toasting glasses. They were clear—save for the liquid inside—and the stem was thin with a silver and jewel encrusted bottom. The much older superheroes were offered champagne for the toasting while the rest of the guests who were underage had a substitute for a non-alcoholic beverage.
    Flash stood in the center of the room, “With no further delay, please direct your attention to Arella Roth.” In the center of the room stood the ones that meant the most of them.
     “Good evening, everyone. I’m Arella Roth, the mother of the bride. It is with incredible love, joy, and pride that I stand here today to wish my beautiful daughter a blessed life full of: h
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 30 (Part 1)
    *Silver Lining* (Part 1)
    Once outside of the building, Raven’s hand held up the train of her dress as to not let it drag on the flooded ground. The heavy rain had let up but the clouds still loomed as it misted. Beast boy helped Raven with her dress while he also held a white umbrella over the both of their heads. On either side past the stairs, a line Azarathians were lined outside the temple waving and smiling.
    Even before they had made it down the few steps; hundreds more Azarathians cheered for them. And white flower petals rained down on the couple as they were followed out by the other guests. Harold had his trumpet and had formed a portal into which the guests disappeared into after waving back at the smiling newlyweds. Well wishes were shouted at them in a language Beast boy couldn’t formulate in his mind. Beast boy and Raven hung back as their photographer had wanted to take more
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 29 (Part 3)
    *Beyond the Stars* Part 2
    It was in the second week of May when Raven had her bridesmaids at the tower for another one of their meetings. They had taken care of business earlier that morning and had currently been lounging around in Raven’s bedroom. Kole was on about her new experience of laser tag with Mas, Menos, and Pantha the day before. And Melvin had been sour the whole day with Beast boy taking her brothers to the indoor water park.
    Starfire brought an orange slice to her lips and changed the subject. “Have you already completed the packing?”
    “For your honeymoon?” Jinx added while she was spread out on the floor beside Kole.
    Raven shrugged her shoulders. “I still have a week left to do it.”
    Melvin’s eyebrows pulled together in confusion. “W
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 28 (Part 2)
Beyond the Stars (Part 1)

Raven stared up at the plain celling in her room, it was early morning and the sun rays entered her room. It was only the middle of February and she was already becoming sick with wedding planning. Starfire seemed to enjoy every bit of it although the tamaranian sometimes experienced small bouts of frustration. Raven closed her eyes once more and decided that it was best to make her bed and wash up.
    “Morning Raven.” Melvin was perched on a chair seated at the island. She had a small stack of silver coins beside her saucer. “Do you want any French toast, Cyborg made it?”
    Raven glanced around the common room and sure enough Cyborg was behind the stove cooking and waiting for the other titans to soon wake up. Argent was curled up on the couch as if she were getting extra sleep and Hotspot entered through the steel doors looking fully rested.
    “I thi
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 28 (Part 1)
*Beyond the Stars* (Part 1)
Ms. Arella Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dayton
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their children
Raven Roth
Garfield Mark Logan
Saturday, the eighteenth of May
At half past six in the evening
At the Temple Azarath
R.S.V.P to Rita Dayton by 3/2
Your presence is their present
reception soon to follow
5423 Grotto Passage
Jump City, California
     Raven sat with her legs crossed on the floor while her fingers massaged her temples. Starfire had thought it was best to start planning for both of their weddings as soon as possible. And that soon as possible had only been three days after New Years.
    The men of the tower had been gone nearly all morning as well. It was unclear of where they were going but they had dragged Timmy along with them. The redhead obviously still had a dislike for Beast boy and he made sure it was known. Thoug
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 27
January 12th: In the future
Jump City, California
*Refer to character index*
            Despite the weather and how cold it was, there was still a lot of people at Wildlife Safari which was Jump City’s local zoo. It was a popular area for children to visit as it also consisted of: Adventure town that was down the street. Beast boy had insisted that the titans celebrated his 28th birthday at the zoo. It was kid oriented but Raven knew that he enjoyed it all the same.
    “Oh, let’s check out the reptile house!” Beast boy held up a zoo map.
    Shawn smiled at his suggestion. “Hurry up Uncle B. Let’s look at the lizards!”
    “Snakes are better than lizards.” Ryand’r said and pulled his green beanie over his ears with a tuff of black hair poking out.
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 1 0
Meeting You: Chapter 26
    Raven stood in the entryway of her room as her teammates rushed to her aid, though she had only called for one of them. Her eyes continued to roam over the destruction of her room; disbelieving. Her body was still tense and she stood rooted to the spot and everything screamed at her to run. Run to check on her kids; for safety. Starfire had flown down the hallway first before the other teammates had come to her aid.
    "What distresses you?" Starfire let out a gasp as she peered into her friend's room.
    Robin stepped into the room without permission. "Are you hurt?"
    "Raven?" Beast boy placed a hand on her shoulder at the lack of her response.
    She had been hounded with questions and she couldn't figure out how to word it. "I…h-he escaped." It was the best Raven could come up with and she could only hope that they understood.
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Meeting You: Chapter 25
December 25th: In the future
Jump City, California
*Refer to character index*
    Raven had already been awake for the past thirty minutes. It was morning and it was still dark out although it was already nearing 7:00am. Beast boy was beside her, sprawled out on his stomach. His breathing was even and Raven continued to stare up at the blank ceiling. It had been three weeks since she had left Azarath with Rita. It took every effort to forget about the event that had taken place. The voices outside their door interrupted her thought process.
    “…I have to wash up?” Raven could hear Ryand’r complaining just outside the hall.
    Robin’s voice was clear as day. “No one is going into the Ops room until everyone has brushed their teeth and washed their faces.”
    The three boys gave cries of protest at having to
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Chapter 24: (Part 2)
    *Consider Me* (Part 2)
    Raven had set her book down a while ago, “What’s wrong with staying indoors?”
    The titans collectively sighed together as their arguments obviously weren’t working.
    “Rae,” Beast boy whined in her ear. He then morphed into a puppy to sway her mind, it usually worked on Starfire.
    Raven gave him a blank stare. “Fine, I’ll go out.”
    She stood up and pulled her blanket off and placed it on the couch.
    Beast boy morphed back and fist pumped the air. “I knew the face works on you.”
    “Keep telling yourself that.” Raven followed Ivy up the stairs to change into warmer clothing.
    It was initially decided to go on a sleigh ride first to Starfire’s delight. Raven could se
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 23 (Part 1)
*Consider Me* (Part 1)
December 4th: Present
Jump City, California
 Titan’s West Tower
    Raven turned the key in the ignition and the car was turned off. She stepped out of the car to unbuckle both girls out of their car seats. Starfire had insisted that they went downtown and with all the parking meters, it forced Raven to park in the car garage. She could still feel the uncertain vibes continued to roll off of her friend. It was obvious that Starfire was hiding something but Raven couldn’t figure out what it was.
    “And you’re telling me that you didn’t want to go to the mall today?” Raven asked as they made it to the side walk. Hazel and Ivy walked several paces ahead of the women. Hazel had refused to leave the yellow blanket at the tower and much less in the car. Dirty, flattened snow and patches of ice clung to the sidewalk.
:iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0


Raven and Beast Boy by nathadario Raven and Beast Boy :iconnathadario:nathadario 126 4 Goodnight  by KillTheArtRat Goodnight :iconkilltheartrat:KillTheArtRat 48 1
Beast Boy's Confession
The moon shined on her, her pale skin glowed by its light. Her hair glistened and her eyes were........I slowly composed myself..and asked her to stay out just stay with me, she didn't think of us as more than friends so she said yes.. we just sat and looked at the stars, I listened while she started to tell me about her old life on Azarath, how she use to look up at the sky there too. hoping...for something more... she leaned on me while we both gazed up.... it was all so perfect...until....I told her.......telling her how I felt... how we’d been friends for all these years, and how much I cared about her. I thought she’d just turn me Raven I know...but what happened wasn’t like her at all..........when I told her she just stared at me. I could see the confusion in her eyes, the sadness. it was as if she was crying, I’ve never seen her like that., I could sense something... I could hear her heartbeat speed up. my powers showed me what
:icondillonhill:DillonHill 1 2
Powerpuff Titans 2 by speeddemon48 Powerpuff Titans 2 :iconspeeddemon48:speeddemon48 14 6 some sloppy bbrae by LineaCake some sloppy bbrae :iconlineacake:LineaCake 40 9 If you want to see a smile on her face... by RavenEvert If you want to see a smile on her face... :iconravenevert:RavenEvert 112 49 Rob by KillTheArtRat Rob :iconkilltheartrat:KillTheArtRat 14 0 meet the artist! by xaiisu meet the artist! :iconxaiisu:xaiisu 104 5 Let's Draw Lighting Angles by RobynRose Let's Draw Lighting Angles :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 9,433 522
Suppose a beginning artist asked you for advice. What two things would you tell them to keep in mind?
:iconchristopher-hart:Christopher-Hart 2 22
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Baby Beast boy finished.
So this was just some practice for me to get used to drawing on a digital tablet. Yep...if you squint your left eye and then your right until both eyes are closed it looks great Waaaah! 

It wasn't supposed to turn out like this at first he was standing in a cardboard box. 

Anyways I suppose his adoptive mother, Rita (from the Doom Patrol) is driving him back home from somewhere.
i will try my hand with bbrae next
Clarence gets a girlfriend
My very first fan art using my digital tablet. So this was more of a practice for me to learn different settings and tools I think I've fainted. 
Clarence gets a girlfriend
My very first fan art using my digital tablet. So this was more of a practice for me to learn different settings and tools I think I've fainted. 


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* l will be posting my fanfiction here as well


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