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Baby Beast boy finished. by BreBre234 Baby Beast boy finished. :iconbrebre234:BreBre234 2 2 Clarence gets a girlfriend by BreBre234 Clarence gets a girlfriend :iconbrebre234:BreBre234 0 0
Meeting You: Chapter 2 (Part 2)
*Babies' Day Out*
     “Ivy, let’s leave that in the car, okay?” Raven asked the green haired girl.
    The others were just getting out of their car while Raven was trying to coax the girl to leave her fairy wand. The last thing Raven wanted was a temper tantrum because it got lost somewhere in the park. It was still pretty packed around this time of year but it didn’t matter much.
    “But…but if I leave it I won’t get to play with it.” She replied, her green eyes shining. Ivy held the toy closer to her chest, almost making Raven regret ever buying it in the first place. Her hair was a mess, frizzy strands on her head, she had tried to pull out the barrettes Starfire had put in.
    Beast boy stepped in then. “You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even be thinking about it.” He was somehow able to get her to
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Meeting You: Character Index
*Meeting You Character Index*
A/N: A guide to which character belongs to who and who most characters are with short descriptions.
**Spoilers** if you read any further.
*OC Titan Children* (Close to canon)
Ryand’r Grayson: Oldest child of Robin and Starfire. He’s 7 years old and in second grade.
Mar’i Grayson: Youngest child of Robin and Starfire. She’s not yet conceived.
Shawn Stone: Oldest child of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He is 7 years old and in second grade.
Marcus Stone: Middle child of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He is 3 years old and attends preschool.
Uriah Stone: Youngest child of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He’s not yet conceived.
Ivy (Ivette) Logan: ‘Oldest’ child of Beast boy and Raven by 1 ½ hours. She’s 4 years old and nearing kindergarten.
Hazel Logan: ‘Youngest’ child of Beast boy and Raven by 1 ½ hours. She’s 4 y
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Meeting You: Chapter 32 (Part 4)
    *Silver Lining* (Part 3)
    *Refer to Character Index*
     Galfore Ruler of Tamaran
    Bruce Wayne
    Request the honor of your presence
    at the marriage of
    Princess Koriand’r
    to his son
    Dick Grayson
    Saturday, the fourteenth of August
    at four o’ clock in the evening
    Royal Palace in Tamaran
    RSVP to Bruce Wayne by 6/1
    Reception soon to follow
    3443 Starlight Lane
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Meeting You: Chapter 31(Part 3)
    *Silver Lining* (Part 2)
    Raven’s eyes almost popped out of her head as they approached an unfamiliar black Toyota Camry that was parked in the roundabout. The windows were tinted and on the hood of the car were angled strands of blue and while ribbon that held on a fake bouquet of flowers. On the back of window ‘Just Married’ was written out in white liquid chalk. On the back two windows in liquid chalk were pictures of wedding bells and hearts.
    “Here you are.” Beast boy held open the passenger door and took his time to help Raven get seated.
    When he was in the driver’s seat, he turned on the headlights and backed the car up. Beast boy smiled at her before he peeled out the parking lot with the tires screeching. It had Raven clutching onto the leather seat of the car until he reduced his speed reasonably when th
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Meeting You: Chapter 30 (Part 2)
 Servers that were dressed in black and white made their way around to all of the tables. Short glasses were placed on silver platters and distributed out to all of the seventy or so guests. And Beast boy and Raven had borrowed Rita and Mento’s toasting glasses. They were clear—save for the liquid inside—and the stem was thin with a silver and jewel encrusted bottom. The much older superheroes were offered champagne for the toasting while the rest of the guests who were underage had a substitute for a non-alcoholic beverage.
    Flash stood in the center of the room, “With no further delay, please direct your attention to Arella Roth.” In the center of the room stood the ones that meant the most of them.
     “Good evening, everyone. I’m Arella Roth, the mother of the bride. It is with incredible love, joy, and pride that I stand here today to wish my beautiful daughter a blessed life full of: h
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Meeting You: Chapter 30 (Part 1)
    *Silver Lining* (Part 1)
    Once outside of the building, Raven’s hand held up the train of her dress as to not let it drag on the flooded ground. The heavy rain had let up but the clouds still loomed as it misted. Beast boy helped Raven with her dress while he also held a white umbrella over the both of their heads. On either side past the stairs, a line Azarathians were lined outside the temple waving and smiling.
    Even before they had made it down the few steps; hundreds more Azarathians cheered for them. And white flower petals rained down on the couple as they were followed out by the other guests. Harold had his trumpet and had formed a portal into which the guests disappeared into after waving back at the smiling newlyweds. Well wishes were shouted at them in a language Beast boy couldn’t formulate in his mind. Beast boy and Raven hung back as their photographer had wanted to take more
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Meeting You: Chapter 29 (Part 3)
    *Beyond the Stars* Part 2
    It was in the second week of May when Raven had her bridesmaids at the tower for another one of their meetings. They had taken care of business earlier that morning and had currently been lounging around in Raven’s bedroom. Kole was on about her new experience of laser tag with Mas, Menos, and Pantha the day before. And Melvin had been sour the whole day with Beast boy taking her brothers to the indoor water park.
    Starfire brought an orange slice to her lips and changed the subject. “Have you already completed the packing?”
    “For your honeymoon?” Jinx added while she was spread out on the floor beside Kole.
    Raven shrugged her shoulders. “I still have a week left to do it.”
    Melvin’s eyebrows pulled together in confusion. “W
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Meeting You: Chapter 28 (Part 2)
Beyond the Stars (Part 1)

Raven stared up at the plain celling in her room, it was early morning and the sun rays entered her room. It was only the middle of February and she was already becoming sick with wedding planning. Starfire seemed to enjoy every bit of it although the tamaranian sometimes experienced small bouts of frustration. Raven closed her eyes once more and decided that it was best to make her bed and wash up.
    “Morning Raven.” Melvin was perched on a chair seated at the island. She had a small stack of silver coins beside her saucer. “Do you want any French toast, Cyborg made it?”
    Raven glanced around the common room and sure enough Cyborg was behind the stove cooking and waiting for the other titans to soon wake up. Argent was curled up on the couch as if she were getting extra sleep and Hotspot entered through the steel doors looking fully rested.
    “I thi
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Meeting You: Chapter 28 (Part 1)
*Beyond the Stars* (Part 1)
Ms. Arella Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dayton
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their children
Raven Roth
Garfield Mark Logan
Saturday, the eighteenth of May
At half past six in the evening
At the Temple Azarath
R.S.V.P to Rita Dayton by 3/2
Your presence is their present
reception soon to follow
5423 Grotto Passage
Jump City, California
     Raven sat with her legs crossed on the floor while her fingers massaged her temples. Starfire had thought it was best to start planning for both of their weddings as soon as possible. And that soon as possible had only been three days after New Years.
    The men of the tower had been gone nearly all morning as well. It was unclear of where they were going but they had dragged Timmy along with them. The redhead obviously still had a dislike for Beast boy and he made sure it was known. Thoug
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Meeting You: Chapter 27
January 12th: In the future
Jump City, California
*Refer to character index*
            Despite the weather and how cold it was, there was still a lot of people at Wildlife Safari which was Jump City’s local zoo. It was a popular area for children to visit as it also consisted of: Adventure town that was down the street. Beast boy had insisted that the titans celebrated his 28th birthday at the zoo. It was kid oriented but Raven knew that he enjoyed it all the same.
    “Oh, let’s check out the reptile house!” Beast boy held up a zoo map.
    Shawn smiled at his suggestion. “Hurry up Uncle B. Let’s look at the lizards!”
    “Snakes are better than lizards.” Ryand’r said and pulled his green beanie over his ears with a tuff of black hair poking out.
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Meeting You: Chapter 26
    Raven stood in the entryway of her room as her teammates rushed to her aid, though she had only called for one of them. Her eyes continued to roam over the destruction of her room; disbelieving. Her body was still tense and she stood rooted to the spot and everything screamed at her to run. Run to check on her kids; for safety. Starfire had flown down the hallway first before the other teammates had come to her aid.
    "What distresses you?" Starfire let out a gasp as she peered into her friend's room.
    Robin stepped into the room without permission. "Are you hurt?"
    "Raven?" Beast boy placed a hand on her shoulder at the lack of her response.
    She had been hounded with questions and she couldn't figure out how to word it. "I…h-he escaped." It was the best Raven could come up with and she could only hope that they understood.
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Meeting You: Chapter 25
December 25th: In the future
Jump City, California
*Refer to character index*
    Raven had already been awake for the past thirty minutes. It was morning and it was still dark out although it was already nearing 7:00am. Beast boy was beside her, sprawled out on his stomach. His breathing was even and Raven continued to stare up at the blank ceiling. It had been three weeks since she had left Azarath with Rita. It took every effort to forget about the event that had taken place. The voices outside their door interrupted her thought process.
    “…I have to wash up?” Raven could hear Ryand’r complaining just outside the hall.
    Robin’s voice was clear as day. “No one is going into the Ops room until everyone has brushed their teeth and washed their faces.”
    The three boys gave cries of protest at having to
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Chapter 24: (Part 2)
    *Consider Me* (Part 2)
    Raven had set her book down a while ago, “What’s wrong with staying indoors?”
    The titans collectively sighed together as their arguments obviously weren’t working.
    “Rae,” Beast boy whined in her ear. He then morphed into a puppy to sway her mind, it usually worked on Starfire.
    Raven gave him a blank stare. “Fine, I’ll go out.”
    She stood up and pulled her blanket off and placed it on the couch.
    Beast boy morphed back and fist pumped the air. “I knew the face works on you.”
    “Keep telling yourself that.” Raven followed Ivy up the stairs to change into warmer clothing.
    It was initially decided to go on a sleigh ride first to Starfire’s delight. Raven could se
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Meeting You: Chapter 23 (Part 1)
*Consider Me* (Part 1)
December 4th: Present
Jump City, California
 Titan’s West Tower
    Raven turned the key in the ignition and the car was turned off. She stepped out of the car to unbuckle both girls out of their car seats. Starfire had insisted that they went downtown and with all the parking meters, it forced Raven to park in the car garage. She could still feel the uncertain vibes continued to roll off of her friend. It was obvious that Starfire was hiding something but Raven couldn’t figure out what it was.
    “And you’re telling me that you didn’t want to go to the mall today?” Raven asked as they made it to the side walk. Hazel and Ivy walked several paces ahead of the women. Hazel had refused to leave the yellow blanket at the tower and much less in the car. Dirty, flattened snow and patches of ice clung to the sidewalk.
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Suppose a beginning artist asked you for advice. What two things would you tell them to keep in mind?
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Baby Beast boy finished.
So this was just some practice for me to get used to drawing on a digital tablet. Yep...if you squint your left eye and then your right until both eyes are closed it looks great Waaaah! 

It wasn't supposed to turn out like this at first he was standing in a cardboard box. 

Anyways I suppose his adoptive mother, Rita (from the Doom Patrol) is driving him back home from somewhere.
i will try my hand with bbrae next
Clarence gets a girlfriend
My very first fan art using my digital tablet. So this was more of a practice for me to learn different settings and tools I think I've fainted. 
Clarence gets a girlfriend
My very first fan art using my digital tablet. So this was more of a practice for me to learn different settings and tools I think I've fainted. 


*Babies' Day Out*
     “Ivy, let’s leave that in the car, okay?” Raven asked the green haired girl.

    The others were just getting out of their car while Raven was trying to coax the girl to leave her fairy wand. The last thing Raven wanted was a temper tantrum because it got lost somewhere in the park. It was still pretty packed around this time of year but it didn’t matter much.

    “But…but if I leave it I won’t get to play with it.” She replied, her green eyes shining. Ivy held the toy closer to her chest, almost making Raven regret ever buying it in the first place. Her hair was a mess, frizzy strands on her head, she had tried to pull out the barrettes Starfire had put in.

    Beast boy stepped in then. “You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even be thinking about it.” He was somehow able to get her to hand over the toy and he set it on the car floor.

    “Should we take the trolley?” Bumblebee questioned, eyeing the long line of people waiting for the next one.

    “Come here.” Raven said, putting a purple rain coat on Hazel and zipping it up before doing the same to the other girl.

    Robin shook his head, “We’ll get to the gates faster if we just walk.”

    Beast boy picked up the green haired girl and sat her on his shoulders and held onto her legs. Hazel had left to find Starfire and took a hold of the redhead’s hand. Raven and a couple of the others ended up taking backpacks to keep up with some of their stuff. The group of eight began their walk to the entrance gates of the theme park. Robin had purchased the tickets online and went first to do the exchange. The rest of the titans had followed after him allowing their hands to be stamped.

    “May I stamp your hand sweetie?” Asked a kinky haired woman. She was dressed in black slacks and a purple and orange shirt that read Dream Zone.

    Ivy took her thumb out her mouth long enough to let the woman to put a purple stamp on her hand. The eight of them moved to the side to avoid the crowds of people that came out in this weather.

    “What should we ride first?” Beast boy asked, his eyes glazing over a bit as he looked around.

    “Robin, let us ride the giant wheel that spins in circles.” Starfire smiled, pointing to what she was talking about.

    Robin followed her finger, “You mean the Ferris wheel?”

    Starfire eagerly nodded and grasped Robin’s arm, “Let us do the meeting up in two hours, yes?”

    Everyone else mumbled their agreements and separated. Cyborg and Bumblebee had left talking about some new roller coaster than had been recently built. That just left Beast boy, Raven, Hazel and Ivy standing amongst a crowd moving every direction. 

    “…I swear I just saw Cyborg.” A freckle faced kid said, “He went that way, come on.” He attempted to pull along an even smaller kid with him.

    “But there’s Beast boy.”

    Beast boy had stopped walking in his tracks, causing Raven to stop as well. Just as they did, a redhead kid about the age of ten and a black haired child maybe about seven had reached them.

    “Beast boy!” The smaller of the two had shouted but glanced back to what seemed to be his parents. “Um…can I have a graph?”

    The redhead gave an exasperated sigh, “Its autograph, say it right.”

    The boy ignored him, “So can we?”

    Beast boy smiled, “Sure dudes.” He let go of Raven’s and Ivy’s hands as he crouched down to their level.

    Raven thought it was ridiculous as he always kept a pen or sharpie on him for this exact reason. The redhead took off his beanie after patting his pockets but coming up empty. Beast boy quickly signed it before turning to the smaller boy who had held out his blue shoes.

    He put his foot down and shifted his weight, “Can you sign my other one, Raven?”

    “Of course.” She crouched down to sign his other shoe. He had to hold onto her shoulder to keep his balance, when she was done he was smiling so hard it looked like it hurt.

    “Who’re they?” The freckle faced redhead pointed to the smaller girls. “I’ve never seen them before.”

    Beast boy shrugged, not knowing how to respond to the little kid. “Well um…you see…”

    “Tyler, Justin let’s go.” A voice interrupted Beast boy’s explanation.

    The two boys waved goodbye and left to their parents standing nearby. Just as they turned to continue walking Raven felt a tug on her purple sweatshirt. She looked down expecting it to be Ivy, instead she was met with a blonde haired girl probably still a preteen. She held out a small notebook pad and a blue pen.

    “Can I have your autograph?” She immediately looked down at her shoes, obviously she was shy.

    Raven nodded, taking hold of the book and quickly wrote a quick message and signed her name. Handing it back she looked at her boyfriend who was grinning at her. By the time they had made it to the rides for smaller kids a medium sized crowd had formed around the couple.

    “This is the exact reason why I don’t enjoy going out.” Raven said as they had finally stood in a medium sized line to ride the teacups.

    Beast boy chuckled, “You’re just jealous I give more signatures.”

    “Whatever.” She rolled her purple eyes at him.

    Beast boy did have most of the attention which really didn’t bother her in the least. What did bother her was when the citizens began asking questions about the twins and asking to take pictures of the titans. They had even begun to wish her Happy Birthday and no doubt they had received that information from the internet. She then wondered if the others had it as bad. The four had just climbed into a yellow and white teacup when the bright flashing started. Raven hung her head, purple hair falling over her shoulder and obscuring her face. One of the male workers had come by to lock the small metal gate before moving on to the next tea cup.

    “And it begins.” She frowned and reached to pull her hood up over her head. She couldn’t pin point where the camera flashes were coming from, they seemed to be in several different places.

    Beast boy shrugged, “Relax Rae, they’re probably taking pictures of their own friends and family.” He paused, “It is a family oriented place you know.”

    She fiercely glared at him, not too happy with his observation. Raven was slightly surprised compared to how often they were hounded on by media whenever they stepped out of the tower.

    “I want to ride the carousel.” Hazel pulled on Raven’s hand in attempt to make her mother walk faster.

    They had just left the tea cups and people were obviously taking pictures of them. Unfortunately for them, Raven’s powers had slipped causing a couple of their cameras and phones to blow up, crack or shatter. People were bombarding them—mostly Beast boy’s—for autographs which made Hazel and Ivy even more impatient.

    A brown skinned girl was talking to Beast boy now. “Can you turn into a horse?”

    Beast boy nodded and wanted to be polite. “Sure can.” He quickly morphed into a tall green horse making the little girl laugh before changing back.

    Ivy had let go of Raven’s hand and was busy splashing in puddles and soon Hazel was too. “Mommy, I want to ride the carousel too.” Ivy said before jumping into a puddle and splashing her sister.

    Raven’s cheeks were hot as people gave her odd questioning looks. “I know you do but we have to wait.” Raven cringed as some people seemed like they were going to start asking questions.

    Hazel looked like she was going to lose it, “I don’t want to wait anymore.”

     “Me either.” Ivy was acting as her sister’s echo but she seemed much more content.

    Beast boy held his hands up, “I’m sorry to all my fans but,” He waggled his eyebrows jokingly, “It’s the lovely lady’s birthday and I promised we would spend time together. It’s not really a great time to sign autographs, understand?”

    Beast boy ignored the groans from his fans and the death glare his girlfriend was boring into his back. Instead, he took Ivy by the hand and intended to leave as quickly as possible.

    “Are those your little girls?” A voice of a woman questioned him.

    Not knowing how to reply he looked towards Raven for help. She shook her head and took Hazel’s hand instead of replying to the woman. The line was long but it moved quickly as it was a two story carousel.

    Raven rested her hand against the metal railing. “I can’t believe you told them that.”

    He swiftly kissed her lips, “It’s not like they didn’t know already, it was probably already on the internet.”

    The carousel was huge, and white bulbs were lit up even though it was in the middle of the day. The flooring was wooden, almost every animal you could think of was on that carousel and the center of the carousel was a mirror. Stairs led to the top with more animals, benches, and something similar to the teacups they rode last.

    “Hi.” A dark skinned boy peeked at the twin girls.

    Hazel waved back to him and grinned, “Hi.” Ivy held onto her sister’s hand but watched with interest.

    He moved so he was standing directly in front of the twins, “I’m going to ride the seahorse.” He then pointed at the orange seahorse before the ride began moving again.

    “I’m going to ride a unicorn.” Ivy said.

    Hazel looked at the carousel and back to the boy, “I like lions better than seahorses.”

    Beast boy snickered as he watched the three of them talk, thinking that it was somewhat entertaining. Raven only rolled her eyes at him and looked around the line; they were getting closer to the front.

    “If you keep rolling your eyes like that they’ll get stuck.” He said, “And they’ll just keep rolling.” He demonstrated with his green eyes.

    She lightly pushed his shoulder, “Oh shut up.”

    “What’s your name?” The boy shoved his small hands in the pockets of his red winter coat. “My name is Kaden.”

    “I’m Hazel. Ivy is my sister.” Ivy waved at him before replacing her thumb in her mouth. “We’re four.” She smiled her fangs showing again, obviously proud of her age.

    Kaden smiled, his brown eyes seemed to light up. “I’m six. Want to be friends?” The two girls nodded. “Want my sticker?”

    He held out his hand to reveal a sparkly sticker of a red and black dinosaur. “Yeah,” Hazel nodded only to have it snatched out her hand.

    “No Hazel, I want it.” Ivy held her hand away from her sister but Hazel made no grab for it.

    Hazel shoved her hand in her sister’s pocket, “You can have her yellow bouncy ball.” She held out her hand to make a second exchange.

    “No its mine,” Ivy said trying to reach for it.

    Hazel made sure Kaden grabbed the toy, “You have to share that’s what Auntie Star said.” Ivy gave up and angrily stomped her foot but kept hold of her sister’s hand.

    Soon Hazel was seated on a lion with Raven standing next to her to make sure she wouldn’t fall off. Beast boy was on the second story with Ivy as she went with Kaden.

    “My butt burped.” Hazel said and then began to laugh. Raven pinched the bridge of her nose; she had probably said that because of Beast boy.

    Unfortunately, a couple of nearby parents had overheard and laughed at Hazel’s statement. At least the ride was over soon enough before Hazel could comment anything else embarrassing.

    “I didn’t know you had children.” A Hispanic middle aged woman stood next to her. “Aren’t you Raven? My sons love your friend, Cyborg.”

    Raven didn’t know how to respond to her, it was a complicated situation. “Oh um yeah.” She settled for instead and she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

    “Can you say goodbye to your new friend?” Beast boy asked after meeting back up with Raven and Hazel.

    The two girls waved at Kaden before they were moving onto the next ride. After riding the frog hopper, the swings, the crazy bus, the drop zone, the convoy race, bumper boats, a kiddee coaster and three trips to the bathroom; it was time to meet up with the other titans. The lines were a little bit longer than Raven would have thought especially for a Thursday.

    “Do you know the time?” Raven asked.                                                            

    Beast boy glanced at his black watch, “Yeah, it’s about 11:57am. We said we would meet at the Ferris wheel.” He reminded her.

    “My feet hurt.” Hazel pouted, looking for her mom to pick her up. “Can I sit on your shoulders like Daddy?”

    “Yeah,” Raven stopped so Beast boy could pick the girl up and place her on her shoulders. It was a good thing these girls barely weighed thing or else it would’ve been a harder task to carry them everywhere.

    “Ivy’s eating gum, can I have some too? She wouldn’t share with me.”

    The couple stared at each other; “Did you…?” They began in unison.

    “I didn’t.” Raven said, sure enough they could hear the thin girl smacking loudly on her gum.

    Beast boy shook his head, “Who gave you gum?”

    “I found it.” She looked her father, “On the ground.”

    Beast boy visibly gagged while Raven made a face. “I asked nicely and she wouldn’t share with me.” Hazel whined as she splashed in another puddle.

    The couple stopped short, their friends already in view and seeming to be waiting from them. Starfire ecstatically waved at them, which caused Hazel to wave back.

    Beast boy held his hand out to the girl holding onto Raven’s sweater. “Spit it out.”

    Ivy shook her head turning her head away from him, “But it’s mine. Finders keepers.” She fought off the green hand by trying to shove it away from her.

    Beast boy’s hand held onto both her cheeks to keep her from chewing or swallowing the nasty gum. “Spit it out Ivy, that’s yucky.” Not having the choice, she spat the gum out along with saliva into his hand. “Oh disgusting.”

    Raven had laughed but stopped short, seeing her black aurora surrounding a bench and nearby trash can. Beast boy left to toss out the gum into a black trash can and settled for wiping his spit covered hand on his jeans.

    “Aw, doesn’t Raven make such a cute mom?” Bumblebee light heartedly teased the empath. Raven glared at Bumblebee, her eyes momentarily flashing red. But Bumblebee was unfazed, “I’m serious Raven.”

    Raven sighed, “I figured you were.”

    “What happened? BB looked like he was going to be sick.” Cyborg said.

    Raven kept a composed face this time, “Caught Ivy eating ABC gum.”

    “Yeah, and Auntie Star she wouldn’t share with me.” Hazel said from up top raven’s shoulders her hands resting on her mother’s silky hair. “And you said sharing is being nice.” The rest of the titans frowned at hearing this news.

    Starfire shook her head in confusion, “But I do not remember saying such words. Oh Raven, Robin and I want to do the boat ride after lunch.” She held out a park map to show the other titans. “It will be thrilling!”

    For lunch, they had trekked back to their cars for the meal Robin and Cyborg had prepped. It was nice to rest without fans and citizens bombarding the titans with attention. It was after lunch when they returned inside the park. And Starfire had nearly talked all of them into a roaring rapids ride. It was already cold out without having the chance of being splashed and not drying off. The line had been relatively short and they were nearing the front quite quickly.

    “They’ll be fine,” Beast boy was trying to coax Raven, “A little water never hurt anyone.”

    “I want to go.” Hazel said trying to give her input.

    Ivy went back to clinging onto Raven’s leg, obviously not thrilled with this suggestion. “But it’s already cold out.”

    “It’s not the dead of winter.” He countered, “And they have coats.”

    “And they fight like a married couple too.” Robin had said to Bumblebee, but she didn’t want to be involved, no telling what Raven would inflict on them.

    Cyborg nodded, having listened to their small argument, “Gotta admit, BB’s right.”

    “Or you could leave their coats off so they have something dry to wear.” Robin added.

    “Fine.” Raven grumbled before proceeding to unzip Ivy’s coat, leaving her in her pink sweater.

    As soon as they were in the circular boat, they buckled themselves with a red seatbelt.  Cyborg had taken up the two black seats, Robin was seated next to Starfire, Bumblebee was by herself, Beast boy was seated with an eager Hazel who seemed to be trying to climb out of the boat, and Raven sat beside Ivy who was already crying. The people who were in the boat before them had been smart enough to actually wear ponchos to avoid becoming wet.

    “I can’t believe you did not want to do this Raven,” Starfire grinned as the boat twirled them in circles going quickly over the rapids.

    “I can.” Raven said, after being splashed. All of them had gotten wet at one point whether it was from the waterfalls or the actual rapids. “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.” She had seen the course they had taken before her and Ivy were turned backwards. Comfortingly, she wrapped her arm around the girl before she took her left hand to hold onto the metal circle.

    Ivy had let out an ear curdling scream when she realized they were going backwards down a waterfall. Everyone else had put their arms up and screamed full heartedly as if nothing was wrong. It was only the first of two other waterfalls before the rest of the ride was more smooth sailing.

    “Thank your Daddy for scarring you for life.” Raven muttered, after the ride was over. All of them were half soaked if not looking like half drowned cats.

    Ivy’s green eyes were a little swollen from all the shed tears. Her nose was red and runny looking like Rudolph. Raven had collected their purple coats all the while Ivy hung onto her sweater nearly tripping her mother. It would be best to try and see if they would dry off first before giving them their coats back. She refused to move anywhere unless Raven picked her up, only resulting in her bury her face in Raven’s hair and sucking her thumb. And all Raven could think was that Ivy’s thumb sucking habit really needed to end.

     “Haha, she won’t even look at Beast boy.” Cyborg laughed at him, clutching his stomach. He was right; Ivy had avoided looking in the direction of her father, knowing it was his choice.

    “That was glorious,” Starfire’s eyes twinkled. “Bumblebee should do the choosing of the next ride of amusement.”

    “It was almost worth it.” Beast boy mumbled under his breath, “Raven will you quit looking at me like that?” He followed after her. “They aren’t going to die because they got a little wet.”

    “C’mon B,” Bumblebee nodded her head, “That looks like the ride for us.” The tall woman pointed upward towards a twisting pink and yellow roller coaster with two loops in it. Cyborg led his girlfriend to the ride she was pointing at, resting his hand on the small of her back.

    Hazel looked eagerly back at her dad, “Can we do that again?” The titans moved on without hopping back in line.

     “Please explain why you thought it was good idea to give them cotton candy.” Raven gritted her teeth as they were standing a few feet away from another line.

    Beast boy looked unfazed, “Because what’s a trip to an amusement park without it?” Both girls had sticky pink faces and fingers but they looked extremely happy. “They’re kids, Raven.”

    The couple had decided to sit out on Robin’s choice, being a ride that swung them a full 360 degrees. Excited screams pierced the early afternoon and someone had lost their sandals and someone else a few coins. Raven’s arms ached as Ivy refused to walk and had a fit whenever Raven but her down. Beast boy had really messed up their child.

    Ivy was happy to comply and leave with Bumblebee as long as she didn’t have to walk. Bumblebee had taken them both to another kiddie ride that was nearby being an airplane ride. Hazel looked excited this and pulled on the dark woman’s arm to get her to walk faster.

    Raven sighed, “I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t eat dinner tonight.” She looked at his face to find him eyeing her. “On top of that you gave them ice cream, soda, popcorn, an-

    She was stopped short when Beast boy had pressed his lips firmly against hers. Raven turned ridged and pressed her hands to his chest to gently push him away. “Garfield…”

    Beast boy smirked at her, “I know, I know. You hate PDA.” He said, “But you talk too much.”

    Familiar hands were back around Raven’s leg as she looked down to see Bumblebee returning with them. Hazel seemed to be talking Bumblebee’s ear off but she only nodded and talked to her. Ivy had screamed trying to climb up to Raven herself, stepping all over her mom’s boots.

    “Ivy you’re too heavy.” Raven made no move to pick up the girl, “Ask Daddy.” Instead Ivy only held on even tighter, making Raven question the blood circulation to her leg.

    “Shoo, shoo!” Hazel said to the few pigeons that were looking for food on the ground. “Go away, bird.”

     Hazel chased after them until they finally flew away to look for food from somewhere else. Ivy let go of Raven’s leg and made a mad dash to Beast boy only stand a few feet away as he had moved to watch the ride. He easily picked up the small girl in his arms without question.

     Bumblebee laughed, “Looks like she forgave, Beast boy.”

    Raven only sighed, “Looks like it.” She watched the other girl, “Hazel, no more jumping in puddles, you’re getting all wet.” Sure enough her pants legs were soaked.

    The grayish clouds in the sky had finally given way to a light drizzle. The ground was just beginning to dry before it had begun to drizzle. Raven pulled her hood up to keep her hair dry as did Bumblebee.

    “It’s your turn to pick after they’re done.” Bumblebee said.

    Right on que, the three titans had found them and hurriedly walked faster. Starfire’s face had a hint of green in it and she held her stomach as if she were going to be ill. Robin kept his hand around her waist to hopefully steady her.

    “I did not know how dizzying the loops are.” Starfire explained, and then kept one had pressed over her mouth.

    “You want to sit down, Star?” Robin said, “You’re not looking well.”

    Cyborg looked at the empath, “So where to next, Rae?”

    Raven felt the corners of her mouth twitch up in a small smile. “Bumper cars,”

    She heard Beast boy cheer at her decision and was the one to lead them in the direction. He practically had the map of the park memorized as he came here often when he took Timmy, Teether, and Melvin. With the six titans present, many more fans had approached them and requested autographs but made sure to avoid Raven. Beast boy had tried to refuse at first but then gave in as a small child pouted at him and looked like he was going to cry.

    “Can we get a group picture with you?” A tall man asked, prolonging them further to their destination, “It’ll only take a sec.”

    Raven clenched her hands into fist, about to tell the man off. Upon seeing this, Robin quickly spoke up to avoid any harm that might’ve come to the man. “Sure thing, but we need to be on our way.” He announced to the collecting crowd.

    The man shoved a black camera in some else’s hand and urged his four sons forward. All of them looked like they were still in elementary and middle school and looked quite excited. Hazel and Ivy watched as they stood off to the side and the six titans posed for their picture.

    Ivy suddenly clutched onto Hazel’s arm as she tried to distance herself from the white bird on the ground. “Go away bird.” She waved her hand with no success. Hazel seeing the problem shooed the bird away.

    “Yo, what’s wrong?” Cyborg asked, looking down at the green haired girl.

    “She’s scared of the birds.” Hazel answered. Cyborg seemed to be fighting a smile off his face.

    Ivy had a frown on her lips, crossing her arms. “They’re thieves.” She explained. “Cause they steal bread.”

    Cyborg wasn’t the only one listening now, “But they need to eat too, you know.”

    She shook her head, “I don’t know why they can’t go to the bird store and buy their own bread.” Raven shook her head at Ivy’s explanation of what was wrong.

    After the bumper cars it was Beast boy’s turn to choose and he was having trouble deciding. “Today would be nice, B.” Bumblebee said with a hand on her hip.

    “Can we go on the waterfall ride again, Daddy?” Hazel asked, holding tightly onto his hand.

    “Uh…not today, okay?” Beast boy didn’t even need to turn around to know Raven was glaring at him, “Mommy wouldn’t like that, and she’d kill me if I’d say yes.” He added so only she could hear.

    The five of the titans had decided to split up again and meet back at the Ferris wheel at 6:30pm. Beast boy stood over a small wooden fence, holding up Ivy so she could see over it.

    “Let’s take them in there.” Raven suggested, moving towards the entrance, leaving Beast boy to follow. Raven walked under the large entrance sign that said: Petting Zoo.

    “But I can turn into all of those animals.” He complained, “We’re wasting time instead of going on rides.” He followed after her anyways not wanting to be cursed.

    Raven had taken them into the pen that held baby goats, trying to get Hazel to pet one of them. “See Rae it’s boring. Let’s go.” He morphed into a green goat before changing back again.

    “Look at me.” Hazel said, waiting for her parents to look before she continued. “I can do that too.”

    Where Hazel had been standing was now a normal looking goat. Raven stepped back in shock although she should’ve known one of them would have Beast boy’s powers. She unexpectedly turned back after fifteen seconds almost falling before Beast boy was able to grab her arm.

    “I want to see the ponies.” Ivy began pulling on Beast boy’s black sweater sleeve. “Goats are really mean.” She had just witnessed a little girl mocking a goat and it charged the girl. Beast boy complied, leaving Raven and Hazel to pet the goats.

    It was nearing 6:14pm when Beast boy had decided it was time to start walking in the direction they were to meet up. Raven agreed as the amusement park lights had been lit up, making the games and rides even more attractive. They four of them were passing by all the games, which contained stuffed animals.

    “Look at that.” Ivy pointed to a giant pink and purple stuffed bear that was almost as tall as her.

    Without looking at Raven for consent he began proudly walking to counter. “Let me try something.” Beast boy slammed down a five-dollar bill and took a seat on the red circular stool.

    The game he was playing was called Stinky Feet. All he had to do was shoot the water from the water gun into the duck’s orange foot. Simple enough, he had gotten better at these type of games since he won Raven that stuffed chicken. At least he wasn’t prone to wasting his money on some ridiculous game as Raven put it. Hazel clapped her hands when she heard the buzzer go off and the red lights flash.

    “What would your prize be?” An uninterested man asked.

    Beast boy proudly stood up, “I’ll take the bear right there.” The man reached up to retrieved the pink and purple bear Beast boy pointed to. “Thanks.” He replied before handing it over to the excited girls.

    “And what do we say?” Raven asked, as they continued to walk towards the slow spinning Ferris wheel.

    “Thank you.” Hazel quickly said, hugging onto the bear. Ivy held onto the foot of the large bear instead. “Daddy can we have more cotton candy?” Knowing full well not to ask Raven.

    “No.” Raven answered all too quickly before her boyfriend even had the chance to open his mouth. Starfire had embraced the empath as soon as she and Robin spotted them.

    The six titans sat on the couch in the Ops room to unwind after their long day. Robin had turned to watch the news leaving Cyborg and Beast boy to play on their handheld games. Starfire was busy painting Bumblebee’s toenails red and Raven was busy reading her book. Raven had the girls in bed after their bath and their refusal to eat any dinner like she had predicted. Which had also resulted in no birthday cake and ice cream.

    “…how long have the titans been hiding a secret from the public? This question will be answered when we get back.”

    Robin had stopped on some celebrity gossip channel, even though they weren’t celebrities people paid them too much attention. Raven had looked up from her book to see the news go to commercial.

    “Great, what lies are they telling now?” Raven muttered.

    A skinny black haired woman appeared on the TV after commercial. She smiled, showing her straight white teeth and she sat next to a blond haired woman. “Six of the teen titans were found at Dream Zone Amusement Park to relax. But the titans shied away from wanting to sign autographs and take pictures.” Raven looked up at this point at a video of Beast boy trying to refuse to a crowd of people.

    “You little grass stain; I’m on your team.” Cyborg yelled as he jammed the buttons down on his red handheld device.

    Bumblebee frowned at him, “Hush up, Sparky.” She snapped turning her attention to the plasma screen. “We’re trying to hear.”

    The blonde haired woman took over: a picture of Raven, Beast boy, Hazel, and Ivy trying to escape the forming crowd popped up. “But who are these baby titans? Just from appearances they’re obviously Beast boy and Raven’s two children.”

    The other woman continued then, “As old as the kids look, we have never seen Raven with baby bump. What are the teen titans trying to hide from the public?”

    Raven hid her face behind her now very red face. Her eyes stared at the page unseeing but she kept her ears open to listen to the rest. The women on the TV had finally captured all of the titans’ attention at their news. “Perhaps Beast boy and Raven tied the knot and got married without anyone’s knowledge.”

    “The titans are still young and that would make Raven Roth a teen mom.” The skinny black haired woman stated, showing several more pictures of their outing. “When several people asked, both parents turned away and refused to answer. “Here are several more photos taken by fans that capture the family perfectly.”

    “Oh, Azar,” Raven said under her breath upon hearing this news, then spoke aloud. “I’m going to bed.” She rose from her spot, taking her book with her and leaving the other titans to stare after her. The two women on the screen continued to talk about the couple but Raven was already out the door.

    An immeasurable amount of time passed, Raven had the lamp turned on and was busy reading away. She lied against her pillows, her legs curled up to her chest as she tried to focus on the words. Suddenly, the leather bound book was snatched out of her hands.

    Looking up, soft emerald eyes were looking at her, “I thought you said you were going to bed.” Raven watched as he placed her book back on the bed, he was already changed into his pajamas. He pulled back the covers before coming to sit beside her.

    “I was.” She responded by reaching for her book again but kept it closed.

    It took years from him to finally be able to do it, he could finally read her. She may have looked indifferent to the other titans with her even voice and unchanging expression. But he was able to judge from the tiniest of actions and the smallest flash of an expression to know how she was feeling about something.

    “What’s the matter?” Beast boy brushed her long hair over her shoulder.

    She shook her head, “Nothing, I’m fine.” She moved her book to the bedside table.

    “Raven I know that isn’t true.” Beast boy said, pulling the comforter over the two of them. He rested his head on a pillow and turned onto his side to watch her. “What they said bothered you didn’t it?”

    She bit her lip; she couldn’t speak without completely falling apart. She nodded instead and found his strong arms wrapped around her. It was out of comfort that he did this and she gave in too easily. She probably looked weak in front of him, but she didn’t care at the moment. She found her eyelids becoming heavy as sleep began to make its way to her, something her book wouldn’t give her.

    “Sweet dreams,” He mumbled in her ear after turning off the bedside lamp. “I love you, Raven.”

    Raven’s words were slurred as sleep over took her but it sounded like she had tried to say, “Me too.”

    It had been eight days after their fun trip to Dream Zone and to Starfire’s pleasure, it was finally Halloween. And since then, Robin had been the one to suggest going to the pumpkin patch. The tower was no longer as quiet as it used to be which was saying something. As Cyborg and Beast boy kept the tower rocking with noise from their video games and arguments. But what really concerned Raven was the small child in Beast boy’s room early that morning.

    “Gar, she’s as sick as a dog.” Raven said, letting fear color her tone for once. “Scratch that, she’s much worse.”


*Meeting You Character Index*

A/N: A guide to which character belongs to who and who most characters are with short descriptions.

**Spoilers** if you read any further.


*OC Titan Children* (Close to canon)


Ryand’r Grayson: Oldest child of Robin and Starfire. He’s 7 years old and in second grade.

Mar’i Grayson: Youngest child of Robin and Starfire. She’s not yet conceived.

Shawn Stone: Oldest child of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He is 7 years old and in second grade.

Marcus Stone: Middle child of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He is 3 years old and attends preschool.

Uriah Stone: Youngest child of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He’s not yet conceived.

Ivy (Ivette) Logan: ‘Oldest’ child of Beast boy and Raven by 1 ½ hours. She’s 4 years old and nearing kindergarten.

Hazel Logan: ‘Youngest’ child of Beast boy and Raven by 1 ½ hours. She’s 4 years old and nearing kindergarten.

Lian Harper: Only child of Speedy and Cheshire. She is 5 months old.

Shalene Crockett (Shay-lean): Only child of Hot Spot and Argent so far. She is 3 months old.

Savannah West: Only child of Kid Flash and Jinx so far. She is 6 years old and in first grade.

Collin Wilson: Only child of Jericho and Kole so far. Not yet conceived. (The thought is there but both are currently too young to have support and have kids).

Gavin: Little cousin of Aqualad. He is 10 years old and currently lives in Atlantis. But during the summers he spends it with his uncle and the Titans.

Gabriella Mendez: Niece of Pantha. She is 12 years old and in sixth grade. She frequently visits her aunt and on occasion the rest of the Titans.


*OC Villain Children*

*Possibly more upon request.

Libby Rocket: Oldest child of Punk Rocket. She is 11 years old and in fifth grade.

Madeline Rocket: Youngest child of Punk Rocket. She is 9 years old and in third grade.

Sienna Von Furth: Only child of Plasmus and Marlene Wells. She is 5years old and in kindergarten.

Spencer Richards: Great nephew of Mad Mod. He is 9 years old and in third grade.

Spyder Tsai: Oldest child of Fang and Kitten. He is 10 years old and in third grade.

(Kat)hrine Tsai: Youngest child of Fang and Kitten. She is 7 years old and in second grade.

Addison Emery: Granddaughter of Mumbo. She is 7 years old and in second grade.

Nancy Callaghan: Granddaughter of Ding-Dong-Daddy. She is 11 years old and in fifth grade.


*Doom Patrol*

*Doom Patrol Headquarters: Midway City, Michigan.

Rita Dayton: Also known as Elasti-girl. Beast boy’s adoptive mother. Raven’s now mother-in-law.

Steve Dayton: Also known as Mento. Beast boy’s adoptive father. Raven’s now father-in-law.

Clifford (Cliff) Steele: Also known as Robotman.

Lawrence (Larry) Trainor: Also known as Negative Man.


*Raven’s people of Azarath*

Arella: Raven’s mother who originally is from Gotham City. Now lives in Azarath and hardly visits Earth. Beast boy’s now mother-in-law.

Shoshen: A nun to the former spiritual leader, Azar before she died. She also remains a nun and assists Raven when she needs it. She is also close to Arella.

Dimok: A monk to the former spiritual leader, Azar before she died. He still remains a monk and assists Raven when she needs it.

Ina: Ina is the ‘seer’ in Azarath and often foretells prophecies that are yet to come. She knew Raven since the half-demon was born and was mostly present when Azar trained her.

Azar: The spiritual leader in the Temple Azarath. She was the third Azar who possessed god-like powers and personally trained Raven to control her own powers.


*Robin’s past and current affiliations*

Bruce Wayne: Alias is Batman and the adoptive father of Robin and Jason Todd. Lives in Gotham City and continues to keep in touch with Robin who soon becomes Nightwing. And now father-in-law to Starfire and grandfather to Ryand’r Grayson.

Damien Wayne: ‘cousin’ to Ryand’r and Mar’i though not blood related. Not necessarily yet a Titan but still works with Batman. He is the son that Batman didn’t know he had until Talia al Ghul had revealed it to him. Damien is 10 years old, in fourth grade and attends Gotham Academy rather than homeschooled to improve his social skills.

Jason Todd: It was discovered two years earlier that by Robin, Kid Flash, and Cyborg that he was Red-X. Adoptive father is Batman and he is a member of the Bat-family and currently on good terms with Bruce and Dick.

Tim Drake: Was once the side-kick of Batman as Jason Todd and Dick Grayson once were and was the third Robin. He has his own team like Dick though he is not the yet the leader. He currently resides on Mount Justice with his team and Cyclone still remaining as the ‘den mother’ from time to time. He is 15 years old and attends Gotham Academy for high school.

Barbara Gordon: Alias is Batgirl or Babs and she’s also a member of the Bat-family. She slightly resents Starfire for reasons of jealousy. She keeps in touch with Batman and Jason and visits on occasion.

Alfred Pennyworth: Lives with Bruce at Wayne Manor. He was employed as the Wayne family valet when Bruce’s family was killed. After Alfred raised the young orphan, he reluctantly aided him in his quest to become Batman. And is also Batman’s ally.

*Starfire’s Origins*

Blackfire: Starfire’s older sister who is the first born princess of Tamaran. Holds a deep hatred for Starfire as she was given Blackfire’s birth right. She was subjected to childhood illness of not being able to absorb ultra-violet radiation. In result making her grim and the citizens of Tamaran hated her.

Wildfire: Starfire and Blackfire’s younger brother who is dead.

Galfore: Starfire calls him K’norfka as he cared for her and her siblings when they were children. Due to the fact the Starfire’s mother and father (the king and queen) had been killed. He was a protector or legal guardian for Starfire, Blackfire and Wildfire. He is currently the Grand Ruler of Tamaran in place of Blackfire.



*Other Superheroes Kids* (All canon)


Johnathan Kent: Biological son of Superman and Wonder Woman. Non blood related brother to Super boy. He is 10-years-old and lives in Metropolis.

Krypto: Superman’s pet dog. A Kryptonian creature with powers and the appearance of a dog.

Sin (Cynthia Lance): Green Arrow and Black Canary’s adopted daughter. Her original name possibly given to dehumanize her. She’s 7-years-old and lives in Metropolis.

Hector Sanders Hall: Son of Hawkman and Hawkwoman. He is 9-years-old and lives in St. Roch, Louisiana.

Maxine Hunkel: The original Red Tornado’s granddaughter. She is 12-years old lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


*Real names of the Teen Titans*

(Alphabetical order. Including married last names. Made up names are in italics. Not all characters are included)


Aqualad: Garth

Argent: Antonia Monetti-Crockett

Beast boy: Garfield Mark Logan

Cheshire: Jade Nguyen

Bumblebee: Karen Beecher-Stone

Cyborg: Victor Stone

Goth Boy: Landon

Hot Spot: Isaiah Crockett

Jericho: Joseph Wilson

Jinx:  Shanaya Narayan-West

Kid Flash: Wally West

Kole: Kole Weathers

Melvin: Melvin Bennet

Raven Roth: Raven Roth-Logan

Robin: Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson

Speedy: Roy Harper

Starfire: Koriand’r-Grayson

Terra Markov: Teresa

Teether: Michael Bennet

Timmy Tantrum: Timmy Bennet



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